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Are you or your team feeling disconnected?


IntaConnect is a people-centric consultancy that strengthens engagement and connection between leaders and teams, creating increased productivity and enhanced alignment in achieving organisational goals.

Using a purpose led approach to create an environment that encourages human connection and meaningful engagement, in order to re-balance and grow workplace relationships during times of uncertainty.


The goal is to surface key needs of yourself or employees, understand  motivations and unlock barriers inhibiting their true potential. 

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Unlocking collaborative potential in a changing world


Our brains like certainty as it stems from our basic drive to survive, but the Covid pandemic has changed how we work, where we work, our attitude to work and our ability to work due to health and wellbeing.


Our Reconnection journey is in place, designed and mapped out specifically to engage in both business and personal human spaces.  

IntaConnecting Steps 

IntaConnect Creating Connection

Creating connection 

IntaConnect Enabling Engagement

Enabling engagement

IntaConnect Understanding Needs

Understanding needs 

Why do we need to ReConnect?

Have you noticed any of the following challenges coming through in your team or yourself, which are common in this post-pandemic era?


  • Less productive or not working effectively

  • Slightly demotivated, and low morale

  • You are struggling to connect with your teams and understand their needs

  • Team members are not quite in sync and aligned

  • Your attrition rates are high  

IntaConnect Leading Human Connections
IntaConnect Leading Human Connection
IntaConnect Human Connection

Pandemic trauma

Resource scarcity

High levels of stress in the work place

Unpredictable, frequent and disruptive innovations

Rapid digitisation and globalisation

Constant competition for top talent

IntaConnect Biomimicry Nature and Human Connection
'A morning of connecting and recalibrating thanks to the nurturing facilitation of IntaConnect Consulting. A space and permission to begin to process the global, mass change that we’ve undergone in the last two years.'

ReConnect Testimonials

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