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Founder, Facilitator, Thought partner

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Permission to be curious

Paula is an Intuitive Thought Partner and Founder of IntaConnect Consulting.  The value lies in inviting collaborative potential with her clients, fulfilling the role of growth-oriented facilitator, focusing on human engagement with continued curiosity around human dynamics and organisational psychology.

Faced with uncertainty in 2020, Paula explored the world of Biomimicry and Regenerative Thinking, followed by training in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). All of which continued to explain the importance of not only understanding context, but how the uniqueness within individuals plays a substantial role in how we show up in the world.


This combined with an extensive self discovery phase lead to understanding bigger picture thinking and the idea of interconnectedness, which strongly influences the design and methodology behind her Reconnect sessions.


The last two years have been spent observing, researching & identifying global trends around the shift and changes in collective needs. This lead to running sessions with a purpose driven approach that aims to create a space that encourages human connection and meaningful engagement, in order to rebalance and grow workplace relationships during times of uncertainty.

Passionate about remaining fulfilling the purpose of 'Inviting Collective Potential' in a way that responds to needs rather than enforces a set solution. 

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'I love playing a connection or problem solving role, where applied intuition can be used to understand needs, connect & align human resources, collaborate to create meaningful solutions all while harnessing a supportive environment.'

- Paula

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Personal Testimonial

"Having worked closely with Paula in our capacities of line manager and account manager, we have both been especially struck by her capacity to balance the individual needs of the different stakeholders, with issues of processes and procedures, while keeping a firm eye on deliverables of the project, always with the utmost integrity... As a team member she is humble, has a growth mindset, is self-directed, and demonstrates qualities of a good team player"

Dr Rejoice Ngcongo & Joanne Walsh, IDG-SA

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What are the secret ingredients?
Empathy, curiosity
& intuition.

“Intuition unconsciously integrates one’s attributes of knowledge, intelligence, experience, and respect for the unknown into responsive and productive decision-making and, ultimately, into action.”

- Dayan and Di Benedetto (2011), Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity (BRIAN BARNARD • DERRICK HERBST), Expert Journal of Business and Management 7(1).

Behind the scenes with

Where I felt like I had the freedom to become more myself? 

Rhodes University 

Can't live without? 

Coffee & dog cuddles in the morning and wonders in nature.

Fun fact?

 In 2011 I traveled South East Asia for 3.5 months

My values? 

Kind, Fair, & Passion for Truth

Cities I've worked in? 

Durban, London, Cape Town & Dublin 

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“We humans are at our best when we bring something that is distinctive and uniquely ourselves to endeavours that deeply matter. We are contributing beings; when we can’t make things better, we lose spirit and will. This is a matter of human agency, which comes from an individual’s self-initiative and awakens the spirit and will in them.”
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