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reconnect verb | riː.kəˈnekt
"To join or be joined with something else again after becoming separated; restoring a connection" 


ReConnect experiences are your first step at creating a space to move forward. 

It forms the foundation for all relationship building skills and enables connection.

They are an interactive & intimate facilitated session weaving you through the experience of reconnection.​

You let an objective, outside party spend time with you to work through reconnection to self, others and your context by prioritizing empathy and creating a space to understand unspoken needs.

ReConnect Networking (groups of mixed business professionals) is a 3-hour version created for mixed business professional networking and reconnection experience (based on demand). 

ReConnect Team Experiences or Days are determined by business needs and by the level of investment being made. 

ReConnect experience sessions are a newly identified way to add an element of inclusivity to a company's well-being or change approach.

Why focus on reconnection? 

"So how effective are employees at making connections at work? Not very. According to one recent report, 44% of workers feel less connected to co-workers since the start of the pandemic. A lack of relatedness can reduce our motivation, limit our desire to collaborate, and decrease productivity."

- Dr David Rock, Joy VerPlanck, D.E.T. 10 May 2022


Let's move individuals out of the feeling of being isolated and recreate a sense of belonging.

Why is a ReConnect experience relevant to you amidst our rising global challenges?

How do these global challenges impact individuals?

Exactly what we are faced with now, an overwhelming sense of psychological and behavioural consequences i.e. depression and anxiety, reduced wellbeing, greater loneliness, lack of sleep, exposure to physical and/or verbal abuse, unnecessary escalations and misunderstandings.


How does this impact organisations?

We have been living in a space of global uncertainty since the start of 2020!

It can be difficult for business leaders and managers to maintain the productivity, satisfaction, and motivation of their workforce while going through the impact this has had on their own mental health. 

"Collective trauma has unavoidable impacts on organisational resilience, leadership development, decision-making, team dynamics & most aspects of organisational well-being" - (




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“You aren’t a machine with broken parts. You are an animal whose needs are not being met. You need to have a community. You need to have meaningful values, not the junk values you’ve been pumped full of all your life, telling you happiness comes through money and buying objects. You need to have meaningful work. You need the natural world. You need to feel you are respected. You need a secure future. You need connections to all these things.

Johann Hari

Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions

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