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Reciprocal Solution-Finding

IntaConnect Intuitive Thought Partner

Do you value the benefits of bringing in an alternative viewpoint to solve your problems or explore opportunities?

IntaConnect Would a different style of thinking be useful in order to innovate?

Feeling stuck and in need of a fresh perspective to innovate?

IntaConnect Realise that an impartial view would help see a challenge in a new light?

As a business leader, are you seeking inspiration and new possibilities to drive your strategy and propel your business forward?


An intuitive thought partner is valuable for anyone who wants to gain new perspectives and insights, navigate complex challenges, and explore new possibilities. I work with you to find our own rhythm, provoke divergent thinking, make connections, and end up with an action for you! We build a consulting relationship that addresses real world problems of mutual interest and using connectionbig picture and explorer thinking we get creative and envision new opportunities, understand needs or identify much needed Aha! moments. 

Business leaders. Entrepreneurs, Creatives, professionals can sometimes become too entrenched in their own thinking or biased by their own experiences, which can limit their ability to see alternative solutions or approaches.

Let's have a conversation and get curious by sharing ideas and experiences to help you navigate complex challenges or problem-solving processes using an external, objective perspective. My collaborative and supportive approach can help you gain clarity and insight to discover potential next steps.

So, BOOK A CONNECT CALL and let's work together to unlock potential!

We can spend time engaged on:









Together we creating a safe space for dialogue that allows the identification and solution to a problem by “thinking together”. The outcome is a process whereby both of us reach new insights, co-create, and ultimately solve the problem with a much greater depth.

Sessions can be ad hoc, on a retainer basis, or project/value based for bigger picture thinking.

Book an Intuitive Thought Partner session today!

“A Thought Partner is someone who:


  • challenges thinking processes

  • causes you to modify or change your paradigms, assumptions or actions

  • has information or a way of thinking that provokes you to innovate or otherwise leads to value creation in your business, career or life." 

- ​Forbes, A Fascinating New Concept: How "Thought Partners" Add Value to Your Business, Barbara Stanny, 19 Jun 2012

How can these discussions with a Thought Partner benefit you and your company?

  • A sounding board for ideas, topics or navigating complex challenges

  • Uncover previously unseen opportunities

  • Provide alternative perspectives that inspire innovation and value creation

  • Identify behaviour patterns or make connections

  • Clarity during uncertainty instead of blaming external factors.

  • Organise/break your ideas into steps

  • Share relevant resources to broaden/inspire your thinking

  • Confidential space for uncomfortable conversations

  • Celebrate wins meaningfully with an objective party

  • Gain insights that enhance your personal growth and development.

Sessions can be ad hoc, on a retainer basis, or project/value based for bigger picture thinking.

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“One of the big things about wondering and developing an engaged dialogue is this idea of mutual reciprocity, that I have as much to learn from you as you do from me.” 
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