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Understanding Needs.

Enabling Engagement.

Creating Connection.

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Supporting bold leaders to empower their teams to build infinite wealth within finite organizations through connection. 
Where wealth encompasses the health of ecosystems, communities, and individuals.

And, this is where I come in. I'm Paula, and I hold a space for connection among business leaders, teams, as well as individual professionals who are ready to discover the root causes of disconnection and disengagement in the workplace. Using an experiential approach, the focus is on strengthening engagement and building meaningful connection through conversations, adding inclusivity to well-being and change initiatives.

ReConnect Experiences move beyond workshops or team building by tuning into the needs and way of being of each and every individual and helping them find their space within the collective. Because at the end of the day, there is a universal need to belong (through forming interpersonal relationships) and a lack of relatedness can reduce motivation, limit desire to collaborate, and decrease productivity.

Understanding Needs . Enabling Engagement . Creating Connection

Looking for a meaningful next step?

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“Humans have a natural tendency to seek and thrive in intimate, coherent, and meaningful relationships. The need to belong is also postulated to be a powerful force affecting people’s cognitions, emotions, and behaviors" 

- (Baumeister & Leary, 1995)

Our brains like certainty as it stems from our basic drive to survive, but rising global challenges have changed how we work, where we work, our attitude to work and our ability to work (health and wellbeing).


I am here to use my life experience to hold a space for you. To guide people back from a sense of isolation towards experiencing connection and therefore building up resilience. 

Unlocking collaborative potential in a changing world

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ReConnect Testimonials

'A morning of connecting and recalibrating thanks to the nurturing facilitation of IntaConnect Consulting. A space and permission to begin to process the global, mass change that we’ve undergone in the last two years.'

Why do we need to ReConnect?

Have you noticed any of the following challenges coming through in your team or yourself?


  • Less productive or not working effectively

  • Slightly demotivated, and low morale

  • Struggling to connect with your team and understand their needs

  • Team members not quite in sync and aligned

  • Attrition rates are rising

  • Burnout signs prominent​

  • Something is not right but you can't quite work out what it is


Leading human connection during rising global challenges:

IntaConnect Pandemic Trauma
IntaConnect Unpredictable, frequent and disruptive innovations

Pandemic trauma

Unpredictable, frequent and disruptive innovations

IntaConnect Rapid digitisation and globalisation

Rapid digitisation and globalisation

IntaConnect High levels of stress in the work place

High levels of stress in the work place

IntaConnect Resource scarcity

Resource scarcity

IntaConnect Constant competition for top talent

Constant competition for top talent

As a leader, what is the opportunity cost of no intervention?

IntaConnect Consulting approach 

Through a consultation process with you as the leader, we’ll work together to identify your needs, and implement a suitable people solution, based on your level of investment, that will support the culture of your organisation. 

Understanding Needs . Enabling Engagement . Creating Connection

IntaConnect Facilitation Planning

ReConnect Experience for Teams



Change / Transformation / Health & Wellbeing Programmes

IntaConnect Human Resource

1:1 Sessions



Creative problem solving

Let's Connect!

Book a free 20 minute connect call and let's discover more about how Paula can support you. 

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Thought Leaders.
Human Resources. 

Individual Needs. 
Team Engagement.

Guiding and unlocking potential

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